Steering Committee Members

Labour Friends of Poland has been founded as a mass membership organisation of Labour Party members and supporters in October 2013 by Ella Vine and two founder-members: Rafal Zak i Konrad Matyszczak.

Our current Steering Committee members are:

Ella Vine, Founder and Chair: Ella is a former three times junior Polish chess champion, a Thurrock Labour Party activist and a former local candidate from May 2014. She was a Campaigns Assistant at Southend Labour Party during when Labour have beaten the Tories locally first time in 14 years. She is a founder and Chair of Labour Friends of Poland and of EU Citizens Vote.
Ella started her journey for social justice 10 years ago as human rights campaigner and now she continues to campaign for the rights of equality groups, including migrants, women and disabled people.
Apart from grassroots party political experience Ella is a competent leader with a wealth of leadership experience gained in the civil society sector. She has founded, led, chaired and managed over 10 charities and campaigning organisations.
Ella is a social worker by background and a third sector professional and have a few years’ extensive experience of working in fundraising, commissioning, trading and leadership roles across many sectors: community advice, family support, health and social care, including care for the elderly, palliative care and long term conditions, trading standards, accessible transport, ethnic, gender and disability equality, immigration, welfare, housing and homelessness.
She is currently a chief executive of a national healthcare charity. 

David Slomian, Secretary: David is a member of Oxford Labour Party. He was involved with organising concerts and celebrity events for the Polish edition of  the celebrity programme ‘Helping is Good. David has experience of the care sector and currently running a small business in online retail.

Keith Rogers: Keith is a member of Southend Labour Party. He has over 13 years experience in undertaking political research for biggest companies providing political intelligence in the UK.

Krzysztof Rembecki: Krzysztof is a member of Thurrock Labour Party. He and his wife run a small pottery business. Their have four children.


The founders of the renewed LFP were inspired to engage as many as possible Polish people with the Labour Party with the main aim to increase their membership within the Labour Party to help Labour win elections.

The founders believed that the only way forward to fair, just and prosperous society is together with the Labour Party.

Join us to make it a reality.

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