Do you need help with reaching out to European voters?

That’s where Labour Friends of Poland can help. Any Labour candidate can get in touch with us to receive information and advice in regards to voter registration and engagement of the Polish community with the Labour Party.

For our members we offer information, advice and translation, including ready campaign materials in Polish and English for CLPs, candidates and party members to help them engage Polish and European communities with the Labour Party.

We hope you will join us. Currently membership is free. We offer a number of membership benefits, for example, help and advice with campaigning, canvassing and reaching out to Polish and European voters, translations and regular email updates.

As we have the elections in May fast approaching, which are combined with European elections, we think it is important that we reach as many Poles and Europeans as possible to get them to register on electoral roll and to vote Labour. As most of them are unable to vote in parliamentary elections, this is a very important time when they can vote.


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