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Labour Friends of Poland Membership Form


Please note: you have to be a full Labour Party member to be able to join Labour Friends of Poland as a full member and enjoy full membership benefits. If you are Labour supporter, why not joining the Labour Party and then Labour Freinds of Poland?

If you are not Labour Party member you can still join Friends’ Group and be part of our community, receive regular updates and invitations to events.

Only Labour Party members can join as a full member of Labour Friends of Poland to have voting rights and to enjoy full membership benefits. Everyone else, including CLPs, can join our Friends’ Group and enjoy limited membership benefits, for example, regular updates, invitation to some events and activities. For those CLPs who join our Friends’ Group we offer training, advice and translation.

The benefits of a full membership:

  • you will receive regular email updates
  • you will have a priority invitation to all our events; some events will be open to full members only
  • you can receive advice how to engage Polish communities within your local party
  • if you are a candidate we can offer help with campaigning, canvassing and translations.

Currently membership if free – JOIN US TODAY!

Download the Membership Form here:

Labour Friends of Poland Membership Form


If you wish to join Labour Friends of Poland please contact us: for a membership form.


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