Labour Friends of Poland is a membership organisation open to all Labour Party members and supporters. Our main aim is to encourage the Polish community in the UK to be actively involved with the Labour Party. We see it as a two-way process where the Labour Party reaches out to the Polish communities and listens to their concerns.


Our overarching aim is to increase the number of Poles joining the Labour Party.

We are here to help local parties and candidates in reaching out to Polish communities up and down the country – if you are a local party or a candidate please find out more information on the page ‘CLPS and candidates’ how we can help you.


Our aim is a mass membership, with the rule one person, one vote.

Currently our membership is free to everyone. You have to be a Labour Party member to be able to be a full member of Labour Friends of Poland and have voting rights. We have a simple and fair voting system – one person, one vote, regardless of the seniority of the position of the person withing the Labour Party. We invite all Labour MPs to be members of Labour friends of Poland.

Registered Labour Party supporters, union members and those who support the Labour Party can join our Friends’ Group, mailing list, attend our events and take part in activities but they have no voting rights and they have no priority to attend our events.

Only full Members receive full campaigning support and priority to our events, therefore why not join us today?

 Our Aims:

  • To encourage greater number of Poles joining the Labour Party.
  • To encourage greater number of Poles being involved with and supporting the Labour Party.
  • To encourage greater number of Poles voting for Labour in elections.
  • To increase understanding of the importance of Polish voters within Labour Party.
  • To raise Polish voters voice, issues and concerns collectively to the Labour Party.
  • To promote greater debate and education on Polish matters and to celebrate the positive contribution of Britain’s Polish population to national life.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion, debate and formulation of policy on matters affecting the UK Polish community.


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